Equity Investment Myths

In the previous articles I have explained various investment options available to us to meet our financial goals. I have also explained the return and risk aspects of each and every investment instrument.

As explained earlier, equity investment is by far the most attractive investment mode which can yield inflation beating returns over a long period of time. The other safe investment options like fixed deposits, bonds, government small saving schemes returns though will give you safe and decent returns may not be able to take care of the inflation aspect.

But in real world all of us get misled…

In my previous articles, I have tried to explain various investment avenues which are available to us and the pros and cons of each investment instruments. I have also explained various thumb rules in investments and how to reach a magic figure of 1 crore with regular and planned investments. Now its time to discuss common investment mistakes.

This article deep dives into the common investment mistakes we all make while planning our investments. Are you making any of these? If yes, then I have listed how to handle them and correct your investment strategy.

Not Planning Properly:

We need to have clearly…

As investors, we have decided to invest our hard-earned money for meeting our future financial goals. But we are also keen to know how our investments and savings are growing. And when and how they will multiply. In short — our money growth.

Generally, we would like to know when our money will become double or triple. And as mentioned in my previous articles, different mode of investments would give returns based on their risk profile.

We can apply thumb rule as outlined below to know how and when our investments would grow.

Two commonly used simple thumb rules are…

Practice: Whatever your chosen craft maybe, the more you practice and hone it, the better you are going to be at it. If you are a painter, and you know for sure this is your calling, it is really important for you to practice this skill regularly to become the best at it.

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. — Unknown A ballad singer training under a strict teacher, and he was asked to recite just one passage from a song every day. He was disallowed to go any further. Dejected and…

An uncomfortable silence, a sense of unfriendliness, a hostile ambience, and a feeling of being unheard have been part of my career a couple of times. Not to blame the organization, nor its leaders. Instead it was all about my skillset not matching the organization expectations.

And here, I don’t mean that I was not qualified, I certainly was. However, the qualification, expertise, and education that I brought with me was not in demand within the organization that I was working for. The classic case of the square peg in a round hole.

I was never working with my cohort…

In my previous article I had shared 6 different and strategic methods of content assets generation for your organization. Let me give you a quick recap, they being: Content Creation, Curation, Collation, Calculation and Collaboration.

In this article, I unravel more specific methods of uploading content on to your websites and making it SEO friendly. So that the Google God picks you up. Sit back to think, how search friendly is your content?

Bogged Down By Constant Writing?

If you are an independent blogger or own a tiny team to create content for your organization, the process of constantly generating…

For all of us an amount of Rs.1 crore (Rs.100 Lakhs) looks like a whopping figure and seems out of reach of the common man/woman. Hold on, it is not that difficult, all of us can achieve it with our disciplined savings done regularly.

All that it requires is systematic planning, regular savings and discipline to accumulate such an amount. As discussed earlier there are various investment options available to us, with each carrying its own risks and rewards.

Let us look at two common investments, which can be done monthly by setting apart a portion of our income.

  1. Recurring…

However you choose to look at it, as strategic marketing, or building brand equity, or digital content assets creation or the much talked about content marketing — the fact remains content remains supreme.

Apart from attracting search engines, it lends you opportunities to build conversations with prospects, generate leads, and establish you as a thought leader in your respective field.

Also, you really don’t have to stick to the standard prose, there are multiple multimedia options, graphical representations and DIY videos that can make your content rich and responsive.

But the question is, do you have a content strategy in…

There are multiple investment avenues open to us, and each investment avenue has different levels of risk and rewards.

Therefore, investment types must be chosen by the individual carefully keeping in mind their goals, risk appetite (how much of risk they can bear), and returns expected.

The investments in Government bonds, various schemes of post office savings, National Pension Scheme (NPS), and public provident fund carry lower risk while at the same time giving nominal returns.

Then there is fixed deposit by banks which have moderate risk and slightly better returns. The bank deposit is protected by deposit insurance up…

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